You’ve got the power!

See how much energy you’re using and when you’re using it. Understanding the way you use energy in your home is the first step to lowering your electricity bill.

Get a handle on your bills

See how your bills are shaping up long before they arrive in your mailbox. Set a bill goal and see how you’re tracking compared to the previous two months.

Safety First

Make sure your home is secure when you’ve gone to bed or headed out – you’ll always have total peace of mind. Act quickly if there’s a fire, whether you’re home or not. You’ll receive an immediate alert to your phone when it’s triggered – so you have the longest time possible to take action.

Your home’s universal remote

Turn connected appliances on or off, you can even switch circuits, so your hot water only heats up when you need it, and your pool pump makes the most of the cheapest power. Set up schedules to run your home on autopilot.