Big Picture and Granular Data

See how much energy your home or business is consuming in total. Have the ability to breakdown your energy to a circuit-level and individual appliance level with Smart plugs.

Switch to smart control

Control circuits and individual appliances through scheduling or by switching them on/off through the smartphone app or online interface.

Reliable, Real-time data collection

Data is collected in real time and communicated to the carbonTRACK cloud (updating the App and Online Interface) in 15-minute intervals. This information is communicated over secure, telecom networks. More reliable than WiFi, with each gateway built in 10 hour battery.

Solar & Battery Maximisation

Monitor your solar power generation, usage and export. Monitor battery charge and discharge periods, charge cycles, and battery capacity (i.e. % it is charged). Know exactly how much power you have as back-up in a blackout so they’re never left short.

Safety, Security & System Alerts

The carbonTRACK Smart Gateway delivers a range of alerts to users so they always know their home is safe and secure, and that that energy system is performing to its best capacity.