Getting the perfect temperature at home should be easy.

Ever arrived to a home that’s too hot or too cold? With Climate Command, you can adjust the temperature to perfection on your way home. Stay comfortable and in control.

Make life more comfortable, while saving money.

Air conditioning can contribute considerably to your electricity bills – up to 50%! See the direct and immediate effect of turning up the heat on your power bill, and the big difference a few degrees can make if you turn it down.

Simple, subtle and stylish.

Your thermostat no longer needs to be a wall feature! Its 180 degrees and 10 meter range lets you place it in a discreet location. It can do its job perfectly without clashing with your beautiful home.

Provide a warm welcome for unexpected guests

If a family member drops by with little warning before you’re home from work, you can quickly and easily make your home cozy for their arrival.