Did you know that a home can be full of ‘smart’ devices but not have the intelligence to use them effectively?

carbonTRACK’s energy management system is the affordable missing link that can help turn a smart home into an intelligent one. Let’s take a look at the difference between a smart home and an intelligent home.

Are smart devices actually smart?

The term ‘smart’ is primarily associated with smart phones, but it has come to extend to virtually any device with an internet or wireless connection which allows them to be monitored and/or controlled from afar. Your phone might be the smartest device in your house, but your fridge, washing machine, dryer and air conditioner can all be ‘smart’ as well.

In fact, it’s now possible to remotely control virtually any household device that plugs into a socket. Accidentally left the heat on? You can switch it off via an app. Want your home to be cooled down to 15 degrees by the time you get back from work? You can turn your AC on in advance – or even readjust the thermostat with your phone.

The ‘smart home’ has arrived. This is a home with multiple smart devices, sometimes coupled with an energy management system.

If you live in a smart home, you most likely have control of many devices in your house – even when you’re not there to physically switch them on and off. This sort of high-tech gadgetry is what most people associate with the term ‘smart’. But this idea of smart does not necessarily align with the conventional use of the word as a synonym for ‘clever’ or ‘intelligent’.

In the more traditional sense, ‘smart’ means ‘good at solving problems’ – a description that can hardly be applied to a fridge that can be switched on or off by someone remotely. While a collection of smart devices under one roof may nominally qualify as a ‘smart home’, in terms of brain power, it’s unlikely to be much more than the sum of its parts.

One brain to rule them all: The role of intelligence

It’s for this reason that we (at carbonTRACK) think it’s important to make the distinction between ‘smart’ and ‘intelligent’.

While the standard smart home is about convenience and energy management, carbonTRACK’s software takes this a step further by also automating the operation of your devices based on, and catered to, your individual circumstances.

carbonTRACK is more than a box full of switches and timers: it is a ‘neural network’ (a type of artificial intelligence) which is sophisticated enough to make decisions on your behalf – with practically no limit on the number of devices that you can control in your home.

The neural network takes into account all the relevant pieces of information (e.g. what it knows about your behaviours, devices in your home and even the weather forecast) and uses this information to determine how to most effectively manage your energy.

While a standard energy management system can monitor energy consumption and possibly even solar production in a home, only carbonTRACK is capable of seeing the big picture of your home’s energy consumption habits and generation patterns. This lets carbonTRACK make recommendations or take direct action to maximise the energy effectiveness of your home. And, more importantly, carbonTRACK knows how to do this without inconveniencing you in your daily life.

This intelligence works for anyone, regardless of whether their home or business has solar, batteries or none of the above.

Smart vs. Intelligent Systems



Connected wirelessly



Can be controlled remotely



Provides insights that help you better understand your energy consumption habits



Can make decisions on its own



Incorporates your daily habits into decision-making




Sophisticated yet simple to use

The beauty of the carbonTRACK platform is its user-friendliness and flexibility. On the one hand, it can be set up to do its job without any intervention on the user’s part (‘set and forget’) for those who want to take a back seat.

On the other hand, it lets technology enthusiasts delve as deeply as they want into the monitoring and control of their energy generation and consumption – whether that is simply setting parameters for how their home operates or manually controlling individual devices.

You choose the level of engagement and control you want to have, but we believe that affordable home energy management should be available to everyone – not just hobbyists.

Intelligent home energy management doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

We think it is unfortunate that ‘smart’ too often also means ‘pricey’. carbonTRACK is not only one of the most advanced energy management systems available – it’s also one of the most affordable.

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