Running a business can be a tough job, with expenses quickly stacking up.

One place where businesses can often feel hardest hit is their utilities bills. New businesses or start ups frequently feel in the dark when it comes to energy, waiting months to see what they owe.

With these kind of waiting periods, more and more users are reporting to suffer from ‘bill shock.’ Unfortunately, this kind of ‘energy blindness’ isn’t uncommon, and can affect any type of business – large or small.

So while energy efficiency might not feel like the number one priority for small business, it can be a huge financial benefit to consider your energy habits.

Why is my energy usage so important?

Electricity costs can really add up in your business, so the more energy you save – the more profitable your business can be! Plus, it’s the greener your business is, the better it is for the environment! Customers are becoming more and more aware of sustainability issues, and if your small business can contribute to the eco-friendly cause, you can appeal to an ethically minded audience!

Why now?

No matter where you live in the world, energy costs are continuing to climb. Australians in particular are increasingly having to combat rising energy costs. Price hikes started to sweep the nation last year, and have only continued to climb since.  

“This is the biggest business crisis I’ve seen in my lifetime,” said Peter Strong, chief executive of the Council of Small Business Australia.


In the wake of this ‘energy crisis,’ many businesses have been forced to make drastic cuts in resources such as staffing, or even close altogether. Some have chosen to go invest in renewable energy such as solar panels. In fact, according to The Climate Council, rooftop solar installations have surged by almost 60% in 2018! The Climate Council also recently reported that in the past two years, business installations of solar have increased by 60%!

Energy management tools are similarly enabling businesses to handle their financials more efficiently.

Where does carbonTRACK come in?

carbonTRACK empowers users to take control into their own hands. An intelligent energy management technology and Internet of Things platform, carbonTRACK allows users to remotely monitor and control their electricity through a dashboard and app. Our company aims to provide the missing piece in the current energy ecosystem by solving the inherent difficulties of rising energy costs. Instead of waiting to receive a monthly or even quarterly bill, carbonTRACK allows you to see the electricity you’re using, when you’re using it. That way, you’re not left in the dark, and know exactly what to expect and can take measures to cut back.

carbonTRACK dashboard


Business owners are able to keep an eye on their bills, and use real time carbonTRACK data to budget accordingly and correcting, predicting bills and measuring results! Whether you have solar, batteries, or meters, carbonTRACK reads your information to give an in-depth look at your business’s energy use and export. It’s presented using encrypted ZigBee technology, so your information is private, secure and as safe as houses.


Not only can you read your data anytime, anywhere – you can also experience groundbreaking lighting and appliance control. carbonTRACK can be utilized to schedule lighting and appliances to switch off or on at certain times, so you can ensure no energy is wasted overnight after business hours. Ensuring things like coffee machines, monitors and lights are powered down at close can go a long way in shaving dollars and cents of your electricity bills!

If your business has heating or cooling facilities, your split system air-conditioners can be controlled by carbonTRACK’s Climate Command. Set the mode, temperature level and fan speed, all through your phone, even when you’re not in the building. You’ll be surprised by how much just a few degrees can impact your bills!

If you’re a small business owner, you can’t afford to ignore energy efficiency issues. So what are you waiting for? Here’s everything you need to know…

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