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Milawa Cheese Company - a popular Australian-owned cheese manufacturer - sought to combat rising energy costs and take control of its energy ecosystem. Empowered by carbonTRACK, the company is rolling out several energy-saving initiatives that have had an immediate positive impact. The same technology also supports a bigger vision which includes energy storage and participation in a virtual energy network, or Virtual Power Plant (VPP) as it is commonly referred to.


Read the full case study here.


Objectives: Take charge of the energy spend and reduce burden on the bottom line.

Like in many businesses, rising energy costs were a key challenge for Milawa Cheese and the business decided to take control.

“Electricity costs were having a major impact on our business. We recognised that we needed to actively improve the situation,” says Stephen Russell, Milawa Cheese’s Operations Manager.

Solution: A powerful energy management system provides insights & control of the energy ecosystem

The carbonTRACK platform provides the Milawa Cheese operations team with detailed visibility and advanced control of their entire energy ecosystem – including grid energy consumption, and solar power generation, consumption and export. carbonTRACK even analyses the harmonics from various equipment / appliances to assess the health of these assets.

Outcomes: Energy visibility and control support current and future benefits

carbonTRACK has quickly become a key component of Milawa Cheese’s energy management efforts. The current and future benefits include:

  • Increased energy awareness supports a change in behaviour
  • Energy insights identify energy draining equipment
  • ‘Behind the meter’ data helps to challenge incorrect energy bills
  • Control capability enables scheduling usage for when energy is cheapest

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Read full Milawa Cheese case study here 


For more insights, including words of advice for other businesses embarking on an energy transformation, read the full case study via the link above.

  • "With carbonTRACK, we have the tools to help us evolve the way we manage our energy ecosystem well into the future,” says Stephen Russell, Operations Manager, Milawa Cheese.

Learn more about commercial energy management solutions. 

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