A ‘smart plug’ is a term used for any add-on plug that can enhance or add an extra feature to a plugin appliance. Some smart plugs are used as a remote control and others may only give you energy usage insights. However, carbonTRACK Smart Plugs enable appliances to join the user’s digital energy ecosystem. 

A carbonTRACK Smart Plug plugs into a traditional power point/ electrical socket and integrates it into your smart home network. It allows you to monitor and control whatever you plug into it from the carbonTRACK App on your smartphone or with your voice through Google Home.

You can check for energy-hungry or faulty appliances. Use them to maximise consumption while your solar is generating energy. Use the scheduling capability to optimise your lifestyle.

Use carbonTRACK programs such as Battery Maximiser or Peak Demand Manager and allow nonessential appliances to switch off during an energy event to avoid peak demand charges or to make the most of stored energy.

- See how much electricity your appliances use in real-time
- Switch connected appliances remotely from your smartphone
- Reduce wasted electricity
- Set appliance schedules to run when electricity is cheaper

- App & online dashboard
- Big Picture & granular data
- Switch & smart remote control
- Reliable, real-time data
- ZigBee HA 1.2 compliant
- MDT data security

 carbonTRACK Smart Plug datasheet

Upgrading to a digital energy management ecosystem can significantly reduce households‘ and organisations’ energy costs.

If you are ready to digitise your energy ecosystem, contact carbonTRACK

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