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Batteries are the next big thing in home energy. For individuals and buinesses who already have solar, and for those considering installing it, batteries are becoming a real option to increase grid independence and lower electricity bills.

At the forefront of new energy management technologies, carbonTRACK has developed battery monitoring and management capabilities that help people get the most out of their solar battery system.

But what does the experience of a carbonTRACK managed solar battery system feel like? Shavaj Kallamkote, carbonTRACK’s Founder and CTO, shares his experience with carbonTRACK, solar and batteries in his home.

Shavaj’s system at home is a 4.5kW solar panel system with 7.6kWh worth of batteries.

He explains what those figures mean:

  • The 4.5kW solar panel system means “maximum production of my solar panels is 4.5kW.” So when the “sun’s beating down on your solar panels in the middle of the day, with no clouds or shade in the way, it’ll generate 4.5kW.”
  • The 7.6kWh battery system means that, starting with a full battery, “I can draw 7.6kW for an entire hour before my battery runs out. If I draw half that, it’ll last 2 hours, quarter of that will be 4 hours, and so on.”

A battery system has only been installed at Shavaj’s place for around 6 months. His solar and carbonTRACK unit, however, has been around for about 2 years.

People often have the concern that implementing a battery system in their home would mean significant changes to their lifestyle. With carbonTRACK, Shavaj found this wasn’t the case.

 “It was seamless because carbonTRACK knows what I want, so it’ll adjust to my lifestyle rather than the other way around”. Having been involved with tech industry for years, Shavaj thinks that “technology should fit in with what you do… you don’t want to move your life around for the technology; when you do that, that’s when technology fails”.

On top of that, being energy conscious doesn’t mean you have to give up your electric powered luxuries. Running luxuries like pool pumps can often lead to what’s known as “bill shock”.

“There are some luxuries in life, ones where you really need to think twice about using that amount of electricity from the grid. With carbonTRACK running your battery, however, you know these things can be covered with stored solar. You can still enjoy your lifestyle without having to worry about what impact you’re having on the environment… you’re not wasting anything, only using what you need… It’s that feel good factor”.

It’s the automated side of carbonTRACK that Shavaj finds so appealing, not having to worry about wasting energy on devices in his home that aren’t essential.

“I hardly ever look at the carbonTRACK dashboard unless I have to make a change, and that’s the best part.”

The ability to ‘set and forget’, allowing technology to work for you, is key to how Shavaj’s benefits from the system. When it comes to managing his battery, “carbonTRACK does it for me, so I don’t have to worry about it. If I had to look at the dashboard every single day and manage it, I wouldn’t want to”.

An issue some people have found with solar and battery systems is a lifestyle one. Often with solar and even batteries you need to make changes to your electricity use habits to see the benefits.

“If I didn’t have carbonTRACK then I would’ve had to change a lot of things… (without it) I don’t think I would’ve got the benefits I did”.

Shavaj also speaks of the importance to future proofing your home.

The peace of mind and sense of security that future-proofing your home gives you is invaluable, especially if, like Shavaj, you have a young family.

Future proofing your home with batteries and carbonTRACK is useful for more than just security.

Shavaj explains that “the next thing in home energy will mainly be machines talking to each other”. This is where your home really starts taking care of itself, as uses your stored power as effectively as possible.

“When they (appliances like dishwashers, fridges) can talk to each other and make decisions… you don't have to worry about it”.

Shavaj describes how carbonTRACK has created an enjoyable battery experience.

“carbonTRACK decides the what the best form of energy is for me to use. It’ll store any excess power (like unused solar generation) into my battery, then discharge when I want it overnight… It basically runs my house. Most of the nonessential equipment in my home is run with carbonTRACK”.

Shavaj’s system has set him up for an exciting future in home technology. Using carbonTRACK, with batteries and solar, is a fantastic foundation to the smart home of the present and future. You can live the lifestyle you want, without the big power bills and causing environmental harm.

Want to find out more about carbonTRACK? Here's how it works:

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