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How carbonTRACK Can Save Homeowners Time and Money

In the modern household, time and money go hand in hand. The efficiency or inefficiency of power consumption is reflected in each monthly bill. Those with a more manageable energy bill are doing the right things in managing their energy effectively. Electricity will always be consumed, so the more efficient you are with your energy, the more likely you are to save on costs. 

If you're a homeowner who has experienced 'bill-shock', it may be a reflection of how you're managing your household's energy consumption. The most common culprits for high energy bills are overconsumption, non-energy efficient applications and standby power. 

This is where energy management comes in. carbonTRACK is a home energy management system (HEMS) that lets you effectively manage your home's energy consumption. It gives insights on which outlets or appliances are contributing highly to your current energy billing. Through carbonTRACK's smart plug and companion dashboard + app, your energy consumption is effortlessly compiled into user-friendly graphs and charts, letting you visualize your home's energy state in real time.

How carbonTRACK can save you time

Energy consumption is a running household cost and is billed on a recurring basis. The longer you let bad habits run, the more damage they'll do to your wallet. Here are ways carbonTRACK can help homeowners save time:

  • Real Data Insights 

    carbonTRACK's companion dashboard + app comes with every installation and it features a unique and secured way to view the household's current energy consumption rate. Insights are given through reader-friendly charts, comparison graphs and figures. Energy data is logged and can be retrieved and compared any time. Homeowners can now take action through insights gained.
  • Less Costly Experimentation

    For homeowners who are experiencing a spike on their energy bill, the natural reaction to quickly cutback on consumption. This leads to many, often unfruitful, experiments to lower the energy bill and reduce household consumption. As energy consumption is a running cost, the time for experimentation can be costly. With the insights that carbonTRACK system gives, homeowners are equipped with the right information to make informed adjustments.
  • Time to Take Action

    Real data and information on energy consumption can effectively reduce energy wastage that leads to high energy bills. With carbonTRACK's technology of real time insight, it sheds light to homeowners who are left in the dark in not knowing why the household gets billed costly when it comes to the time of billing.




How carbonTRACK Can Save Money

Household energy consumption is a recurring cost that comes in the form of bills. As energy rates are rising in Australia, carbonTRACK's technology can help homeowners ultimately save money for a financially healthier future:

  • Address High Energy Bills 

    If your energy bills are eating away on the household budget, then it's time to take action. Through carbonTRACK's smart energy system, homeowners can know which appliance or activities are contributing to a high billing and adjust accordingly. This allows the household to manage their monthly budget and ultimately, save money.
  • Attain and Maintain Energy Efficiency

    An energy efficient household effectively manages its energy consumption that results to a manageable energy bill minus the shock to the homeowner. In maintaining a budget friendly consumption rate, the homeowner must routinely monitor and make informed decisions that keep energy consumption to a sustainable level. carbonTRACK's system and dashboard + app monitors energy consumption in real time with a complete map of all the contributing variables. Homeowners can track daily spikes, weekly trends and monthly benchmarks of energy consumption through their mobile devices.


When it comes to household energy, time and money are relative to one another. The less time it takes to make informed decisions on how to manage the home's energy consumption, the simpler it is to effectively manage your bills and savings.

See how carbonTRACK's smart energy management system works here.


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