Wondering what a carbonTRACK energy setup can look like? Our CTO and founder Shavaj Kallamkote speaks on how he combines carbonTRACK, solar and batteries in his home in the video below. 


Like many Australians, Shavaj started off with solar. Wanting to take it to the next step, he started looking into batteries. Buying a battery can be an intricate task since there are multiple factors to consider. Shavaj found himself faced with the same questions that many Australian solar users are, such as “What type of battery should I get?” and “How big should my battery be?”

The most important thing is that your battery (and your whole energy setup!) should fit in seamlessly with your lifestyle, corresponding to your electricity habits and usage. Shavaj was able to utilize carbonTRACK’s convenient data and analytics to assess his energy needs, which helped him discover the type of battery he needed to fit his unique energy usage profile.

Taking back control

Throughout the course of the day, devices in Shavaj’s home use different amounts of electricity at different times. As someone who’s often away from home and busy with work (making carbonTRACK awesome!), Shavaj wanted to ensure that he was optimizing his energy, and being smart about which devices were on, and when they were running. carbonTRACK’s data was able to display this information remotely, 24/7.

Armed with these insights, Shavaj was able to create operating schedules for each device, ensuring that these appliances were being used in the most energy efficient way possible. This usually means minimising unnecessary energy use, or making the most of solar & battery energy if it’s available. carbonTRACK’s automated features and machine learning capabilities guaranteed that he could save on his bills and adopt a more eco-friendly level of energy efficiency. carbonTRACK decides what the best form of energy is to use, and will simply store any excess power (like unused solar generation) into your battery, and then discharge when you need it next.

Solar Savings

If you’re looking into solar, or solar with batteries, an intelligent energy management system like carbonTRACK will allow you to monitor and manage not only the energy that you use, but also the energy that you generate (and store), in the most cost-effective way possible. Your home energy management system should know whether it will save you the most to pull energy from the grid, your batteries, or directly from your solar panels when the sun is shining. 

If you don’t have solar or batteries, your home energy management system should be able to help you to size up a system that is well-suited to your needs and budget – after helping you to identify and eliminate inefficiencies within your home.

Making your own Energy System

The way we interact with energy is changing. Your home is no longer just an endpoint in the sprawling network of power stations, poles and wires known as ‘the grid’ - at least not if you don’t want it to be.

Electricity prices have risen dramatically - but household appliances are more efficient than ever, home solar power is cheap and home batteries are becoming increasingly affordable. Herein lie the ingredients for reducing your reliance on ‘the grid’, upping your degree of energy independence and keeping your electricity bill manageable. You could even think of your home as a self-contained ‘energy system’. Each household, business and each user is unique, and your energy system should reflect that!


The carbonTRACK solution

carbonTRACK combined with solar and batteries allows you to control the energy your home uses, and when it uses it. This way, you can match your household energy use with your solar production curve throughout the day, to use that precious solar energy on-site and reduce your reliance on the grid.

Alternatively, you can save your battery energy to use during peak demand times to lower your electricity bill, or as a backup power source when the power’s down. And these benefits of installing a carbonTRACK system are just the beginning. With battery management, carbonTRACK is now able to deliver an unprecedented level of monitoring and control for solar PV and battery system owners through its app and web portal.

carbonTRACK is a developer of one of the world’s most advanced, popular and powerful energy management systems. The carbonTRACK platform delivers high-quality energy performance data and highly customizable control functions to homes and businesses around the world! So what are you waiting for? Could your home or business next?


Make your energy system smart, with carbonTRACK. Here’s how it works:




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