Digitise energy with carbonTRACK

carbonTRACK provides digital insight and control over any connected energy ecosystem. An ideal platform for efficient network operators, forward-thinking businesses, and mindful energy users.

Digital energy

‘Digital energy’ is defined as energy flow that is transparently measured in real-time and can be managed remotely via a desktop or app. Digital energy is often referred to as ‘smart energy’. It enables residential energy users, businesses and network operators to manage and automate their energy ecosystem from any location, ensuring that the energy ecosystem is connected, reliable, and sustainable. 

carbonTRACK can digitise your energy management and give you the control to;
- remotely manage circuit-level switching and plug-in appliances
- schedule loads to run at ideal times
- optimise solar generation for greatest ROI
- maximise storage and battery usage
- improve energy efficiency
- minimise energy costs
- take the stress out of managing an evolving energy ecosystem

 CT digital energy

It starts with the carbonTRACK Smart Gateway

The transition to digital energy starts with the carbonTRACK Smart Gateway.

Network operators, businesses and residential energy consumers can use the carbonTRACK Smart Gateway to digitally manage the grid, generated energy and stored energy. carbonTRACK connects all the components of an energy ecosystem – energy circuits, 'plug-in' appliances*, solar and storage – to ensure that they are working together to deliver optimal value. With in-depth real-time and historic insights, users can make better decisions on how they manage their usage, generation, and storage.

The carbonTRACK Smart Gateway enables users to remotely control circuit-level switching, such as pool pumps, ducted AC, electric hot water and zoned lighting. carbonTRACK helps users to run loads at optimal times, from managing flexible tariffs and maximising self-consumption of solar. During energy events, such as a grid outage, the carbonTRACK Smart Gateway can automatically switch off non-essential loads to maximise the user’s energy storage.

*With the addition of carbonTRACK Smart Plugs, users can extend their energy ecosystem to manage plug-in appliances. This gives users ‘smart home’ capabilities such as remote management, load scheduling and the ability to automate appliances to run at the most optimal tariff.


The benefits

Life’s luxuries always come at a cost – air-conditioning, a clean pool, at times even hot water– however, the cost can be minimised with carbonTRACK.

carbonTRACK delivers value at the building, network and grid level.

For the organisations
carbonTRACK enables an organisation to operate and digitally manage their energy. carbonTRACK's Smart Gateway provides organisations with valuable energy insight and remote control to better manage their energy consumption. Organisations can remotely manage existing electrical circuits, plugged-in equipmentHVAC systems, and other elements of their energy ecosystem. Facility Managers are able to make high-level cost-saving decisions with real-time energy data and they can also access historical data. They also can remotely switch or schedule loads to run at times to suit the organisation's energy usage goals. This deals with peak demand management and ensures that equipment is not left on unnecessarily. 

carbonTRACK Fleet Management enables multi-site organisations to manage their entire portfolio on one platform. They can create customised alerts around system faults, troubleshoot remotely and reduce truck rolls and downtime.

carbonTRACK Demand Charge Manager can help an organisation to stay within their demand charge limits and avoid the extra costs and penalties caused by energy-hungry equipment running during peak times.

Managers can create essential and non-essential loads lists. Essential loads can be prioritised based on operational requirements. In the event of a grid outage, carbonTRACK will automatically switch off non-essential loads so that any stored energy can be used where it is needed most. If essential loads are required to be turned off, carbonTRACK will work through the essential load list based on priorities. Managers can move loads from non-essential to essential and the essential list can be re-prioritised at any time using carbonTRACK’s back-end, making it completely flexible.

For the households
carbonTRACK can help home occupants gain greater control of their energy use, generation & storage.

On average, electric hot water systems represent up to 30% of a household’s energy bill, even if it is only being used once or twice per day. It’s like a kettle that keeps on boiling.

The carbonTRACK platform allows users to schedule hot water systems to switch off when they aren’t needed. carbonTRACK can schedule the pool pump to run during low tariff windows.

Users have access to carbonTRACK Smart Plugs to control & monitor plug-in appliances.


Digitally manage equipment and appliances

A ‘smart plug’ is a term used for any add-on plug that can enhance or add an extra feature to a plugin appliance. Some smart plugs are used as a remote control and others may only give you energy usage insights. However, carbonTRACK Smart Plugs enable appliances to join the user’s digital energy ecosystem. 

A carbonTRACK Smart Plug plugs into a traditional power point/ electrical socket and integrates it into your smart home network. It allows you to monitor and control whatever you plug into it from the carbonTRACK App on your smartphone or with your voice through Google Home.

You can check for energy-hungry or faulty appliances. Use them to maximise consumption while your solar is generating energy. Use the scheduling capability to optimise your lifestyle.

Use carbonTRACK programs such as Battery Maximiser or Peak Demand Manager and allow nonessential appliances to switch off during an energy event to avoid peak demand charges or to make the most of stored energy.


Digitally control climate

No one likes climate change!

Digitally and remotely manage your split air-con systems. Be energy-efficient and minimise wasted energy. 

carbonTRACK Climate Command
The controller uses infra-red capability to connect to a split air-con system. Users can access, remotely from their smart phone, the same functionality as the split air-con system’s remote. carbonTRACK’s platform optimises the use of existing tariff structures ensuring that users stay within peak demand limits.

Key benefits
- Remotely control and manage your split air-con system temperature and operating schedules
- Pre-heat or pre-cool to take advantage of cheaper electricity or excess solar
- Set schedules to ensure that the air-cons don’t operate when they are not required
- Installation is simple, merely pair plug-in the climate controller with line-of-sight of the split air-con system and pair it with the carbonTRACK gateway

carbonTRACK Smart Thermostat
Optimise the usage of HVAC systems with remote monitoring and control. Set min or max temperature ranges, operating schedules and create alerts for system faults.

Key benefits
-  Remotely control and manage HVAC temperature and operating schedules
- Installation is simple, just replace the existing HVAC controller; no change to the main HVAC unit required


Upgrading to a digital energy ecosystem can significantly reduce energy costs for households and businesses.

Join the digital age of energy management with carbonTRACK!  

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