Transition to digital energy with the carbonTRACK Smart Gateway

Network operators, businesses and residential energy consumers can use the carbonTRACK Smart Gateway to digitally manage the grid, generated energy and stored energy. carbonTRACK connects all the components of an energy ecosystem – energy circuits, 'plug-in' appliances*, solar and storage – to ensure that they are working together to deliver optimal value. With in-depth real-time and historic insights, users can make better decisions on how they manage their usage, generation, and storage.

The carbonTRACK Smart Gateway enables users to remotely control circuit-level switching, such as pool pumps, ducted AC, electric hot water and zoned lighting. carbonTRACK helps users to run loads at optimal times, from managing flexible tariffs and maximising self-consumption of solar. During energy events, such as a grid outage, the carbonTRACK Smart Gateway can automatically switch off non-essential loads to maximise the user’s energy storage.

*With the addition of carbonTRACK Smart Plugs, users can extend their energy ecosystem to manage plug-in appliances. This gives users ‘smart home’ capabilities such as remote management, load scheduling and the ability to automate appliances to run at the most optimal tariff.

Digital energy management for:
Network operators 

Upgrading to a digital energy management ecosystem can significantly reduce households‘ and organisations’ energy costs.

Join the digital age of energy management.

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