Digital energy for organisations

carbonTRACK enables an organisation to operate and digitally manage their energy. carbonTRACK's Smart Gateway provides organisations with valuable energy insight and remote control to better manage their energy consumption. Organisations can remotely manage existing electrical circuits, plugged-in equipmentHVAC systems, and other elements of their energy ecosystem. Facility Managers are able to make high-level cost-saving decisions with real-time energy data and they can also access historical data. They also can remotely switch or schedule loads to run at times to suit the organisation's energy usage goals. This deals with peak demand management and ensures that equipment is not left on unnecessarily. 

 Energy management for organisations

carbonTRACK Fleet Management enables multi-site organisations to manage their entire portfolio on one platform. They can create customised alerts around system faults, troubleshoot remotely, and reduce truck rolls and downtime.

carbonTRACK Demand Charge Manager can help an organisation to stay within their demand charge limits and avoid the extra costs and penalties caused by energy-hungry equipment running during peak times.

Managers can create essential and non-essential loads lists. Essential loads can be prioritised based on operational requirements. In the event of a grid outage, carbonTRACK will automatically switch off non-essential loads so that any stored energy can be used where it is needed most. If essential loads are required to be turned off, carbonTRACK will work through the essential load list based on priorities. Managers can move loads from non-essential to essential and the essential list can be re-prioritised at any time using carbonTRACK’s back-end, making it completely flexible.

Upgrading to a digital energy management ecosystem can significantly reduce households‘ and organisations’ energy costs.

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