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If you live in Australia, you’re no doubt aware of the current soaring energy prices.

From July 1st, electricity prices rose by up to 20% in some Aussie states.

In a survey of 100 people, Compare the Market, recently reported that 'two out of five people say they’re focusing on drastically reducing their energy use this winter.' 

Small businesses and residential households may be the hardest hit, particularly South Australians, who will see combined electricity and gas costs increase to $1453 per year.

But energy pain is not unfamiliar to many Australian households. Families and singles have been making sacrifices to cope with bills that have been steadily rising for a long time.

Combined electricity and gas bills have surged by 88% in Victoria in a decade, according to Australian National University modelling.

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Guess what? There’s a bill buster solution that you may not know about…

So how do Aussies fight back against these rising energy costs? Energy Management.

Your initial response might be to think – but I do manage my energy! I’m always turning off or things or dialing down the heating. But there’s a better, more efficient and much easier way to manage you energy at home – with a home energy management system.

Luckily for you, carbonTRACK has developed a highly sophisticated and affordable system that will let you open your electricity bills with confidence!

Here’s how carbonTRACK is good for your wallet (and good for the environment):

Monitor and track your energy usage

Normally, it’s not until your electricity bill arrives that you know how much energy you’ve been using. carbonTRACK lets you monitor your consumption levels and usage patterns at anytime, so you can see opportunities for energy reductions and savings.

By tracking your energy use, you can take steps to lower your usage wherever possible.

Save up to 30% on utility bills by ensuring that your home’s appliances are utilised in the most intelligent, efficient way possible.

Away from home? Check carbonTRACK to ensure all lights and devices are switched off.

Bills too high? carbonTRACK enables you to identify the energy hungry devices in your home, allowing you to take steps to cut costs.

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Automate your life, with Smart Plugs

Smart plugs fit simply between the wall socket and an appliance’s plug, allowing you to remotely monitor and switch the device on and off from anywhere using the carbonTRACK app or desktop login.

Leave the iron on? Turn it off from the office. Want to start dinner early? Turn your slow-cooker on from your train home.

The more smart plugs you use in your home, the more insight and control you can have.

A smart plug will allow you to determine if a device is using an unexpectedly high amount of energy and then you can take action.

You can also track how much standby power your appliances are using when they’re switched off but remain turned on at your power point socket.

The typical Australian home has about 30 devices that constantly draw standby power, accounting for around 10% of a home’s energy bill. So turning devices completely off can save you significant amounts of money over time.

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Optimise your Solar

Got solar? carbonTRACK can make it smart. See how much solar power you’re actually using, sell it back to the grid, and understand when your panels are functioning efficiently and get alerts if they’re not.

You don’t even have to be home! If you’ve got battery storage (when coupled with solar PV) carbonTRACK can facilitate even greater savings by allowing a home to be nearly independent of the grid – or completely off the grid in some cases.

Take back control of your energy, and fight back against rising costs.
See carbonTRACK products.

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