Key themes from SPI: Control, collaboration and customer value

The focus was on Salt Lake City during North America Smart Energy Week. The city hosted this year’s Solar Power International and other related events.

We were there supporting our US partner – naak – who were demonstrating a gateway to the digital energy economy and a range of ongoing managed energy services. The carbonTRACK platform is at the heart of their offering.

The event was abuzz with changemakers in the renewable energy space reviewing new solutions, learning from each other and exploring new collaboration pathways. Delivering customer value through advanced energy control was a very strong theme and it drove significant interest to the naak stand.

Here’s a wrap up of the key themes:


carbonTRACK’s Digital Essential Loads panel was the highlight of the naak stand. Visitors could see and interact with this feature of our online dashboard and remotely control appliances and circuit-level loads such as the pool pump, lights and the HVAC units.

The Digital Essential Loads Panel lets energy consumers prioritise loads with ease and maximise their solar-self-consumption. It also simplifies the set-up of essential load management capability for service providers and – coupled with carbonTRACK’s fleet management capability – is part of a toolkit for a range of ongoing managed energy services.


The spirit of collaboration is always high at industry events such as SPI, but this year it appeared to have increased tenfold. Organisations across the energy value chain were exploring opportunities to create more compelling customer solutions by working together.

We were blown away by the level of interest in carbonTRACK’s energy management platform – particularly our advanced control capability and what this offers the end customers of battery/inverter companies, solar providers and installers, solar financiers and utilities.

In addition to the existing projects we are working on with naak, we are now in the planning stages of numerous trial projects - each as unique as the individual organisations driving them.

Customer value

The reason for the increase in focus on control and collaboration? It all starts and ends with the desire to deliver optimal customer value.

The organisations we’re working with all want to provide a customer outcome, not just a technology solution. They are not interested in one-off deals and installations. They want to deliver a sound return on the customer’s investment, see the value of an ongoing customer relationship and are exploring a range of ongoing managed energy services.

Would you like to know more?

For a demonstration of the carbonTRACK energy management platform or to explore partnership opportunities, please get in touch with one of the team.

carbonTRACK’s CTO and Co-founder, Shavaj Kallamkote, will be presenting at All-Energy in Melbourne on October 23rd and 24th if you would like to learn more.


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