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A new Wireless Generator Intertrip solution for energy-critical applications

  • Solar installations in energy-critical applications, such as hospitals, require generator intertrip capability that ‘stands down’ solar inverters when the back-up generator is activated. This traditionally happens through intertrip cabling which is disruptive and expensive. carbonTRACK has created and deployed a new Wireless Generator Intertrip solution.

Traditional intertrip cabling is disruptive and expensive

Installations of PV Solar Systems on sites that have an existing backup generator also require a generator intertrip solution to ensure continuity of power. The intertrip communicates with PV Solar inverters to stand down when the backup generator is activated.

Traditional intertrip solutions involve communication cables running from the generator's Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) to the inverters. This is often a costly exercise where cables may run tens or even hundreds of meters, in trenches (under roads, footpaths and garden beds) and through buildings via conduits that (at times) need to run through walls.

It’s a significant challenge for solar solution providers and their installers, both in the solution design and quoting stage and in the installation and project management stage. It’s also highly disruptive for the sites in question.

With carbonTRACK, there’s now a better way

carbonTRACK has created a Wireless Generator Intertrip solution that eliminates the need for expensive and disruptive cabling.  

The wireless device, designed and manufactured by carbonTRACK, overcomes the need to dig trenches and run cables associated with traditional intertrip solutions. carbonTRACK’s wireless device uses proprietary carbonTRACK network architecture to enable wireless communication between the generator and the solar inverters.

Facility Managers are able to monitor the system via the carbonTRACK online dashboard and Fleet Report and set automated alerts of a loss of communication.

Who benefits:

Solar solution providers can:

  • Save time and money during the solution design phase by simplifying the process
  • Quote more accurately by eliminating many of the ‘unknowns’
  • Compete on price and value by providing a lower-cost and more reliable solution

End-customer sites and their Facility Managers can:

  • Avoid disruption caused by cabling and the associated inconvenience and damage to grounds and buildings
  • Actively monitor system performance and be alerted of loss of communication.

Hospitals and other energy-critical applications

carbonTRACK’s Wireless Generator Intertrip solution is up and running in two hospitals in regional Victoria. These installations are part of a pilot led by a Melbourne-based engineering company that is now including the solution in other tenders across the region.

The same solution, however, has an equally relevant application in other scenarios where continuous power supply is business critical and where the energy flow must be seamlessly balanced between grid, solar and generator supplied energy. This includes:

  • Manufacturing industries. Power outages can bring production lines to an abrupt halt, translating to a loss of material, breakdown of machinery, and loss of productive time.
  • Data Centers. Power failures can cause a loss of thousands of records stored over several years and disrupt ongoing transactions.
  • Perishable storage. Pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food processing plants rely heavily on uninterrupted power for storage of items with a limited shelf life.
  • Control centers. Traffic signal operators, public transport control systems, air traffic management, telecommunications and utilities, all rely heavily on a continuous power supply to help ensure safety and security.
  • Entertainment venues & tourist attractions. Event cancellations can equate to huge losses of revenue for entertainment promoters and can put visitors and staff at risk.

Get in touch to find out more

Our Wireless Generator Intertrip solution is a great example of how carbonTRACK creates dynamic and reliable solutions to real-life problems. The carbonTRACK ecosystem is technology agnostic and can seamlessly integrate with various communication protocols.

To find out more about the technology and how we can help you create advanced, reliable and cost-effective solar solutions for energy-critical industries, get in touch with the team today.


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