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Sticking to your business budget is challenging.

The costs quickly add up and at the end of the month/quarter, the last thing you want is a whopper of an electricity bill. In Australia, businesses and commercial entities are major users of electricity, accounting for over 75.0% of total consumption (IBIS World, 2015). In a survey published by Origin Energy in 2014, 58% of Victorian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) increasingly saw operation energy costs a threat to their bottom-line.

Despite this, SMEs have not had an affordable solution for managing their energy use. Energy management solutions have long catered for residential and large buildings. But for small businesses, residential options typically lack the complexity, and large business solutions are too expensive.

SMEs have been “the neglected middle”. Without the capacity to manage energy, SMEs are left in the dark regarding exactly how much energy is being used where, or even having the capacity to predict their next bills for budgeting purposes. But the proliferation of technology developments has allowed more affordable energy management systems to successfully enter the market.

Scalable energy management solutions, like carbonTRACK, give SME owners the power to take control of their energy consumption and make smarter and informed energy decisions that have the ability to improve their bottom-line.

Here are some ways carbonTRACK can be used by businesses to cut costs:

1. Knowledge is power.

carbonTRACK gives you the ability to see and control where your energy is going. Managers can set goals and track their performance over time.

With carbonTRACK Smart Plugs businesses can track how much energy your appliances are using. If something is using more energy than it should be, you’ll know it’s time for a service or a replacement. By keeping track of multiple appliances at the same time, when there’s budget for an upgrade, you’ll know which will give you the biggest savings with your investment.

2. Optimizing air conditioning

Air conditioners often run all day, but this need not be the case. By turning the air con on during off-peak hours, and only putting it on for short bursts to maintain the optimum temperature, businesses can keep the workplace cool and reduce their bills. carbonTRACK lets businesses schedule their aircon to come on when it costs them the least, and monitor how much energy it’s using. 

Keeping your office temperature one degree down during winters and one degree up during summers can reduce the power it uses by up to 10%. carbonTRACK helps businesses measure the impact of changing their thermostat by a few degrees, so they know if it’s really worth it. 

3. Power down at close time

With carbonTRACK, businesses can schedule lights, air-con and even power outlets to turn off at a certain time each day. This way, no electricity is being wasted overnight. Switching off computer monitors, TVs, the microwave and other small appliances may seem like a drop in the ocean, but over time this will add up!

Businesses with carbonTRACK are able to keep an eye on how their bills are shaping up, and use the technology to bring their electricity costs down. Business owners can use real-time carbonTRACK data to identify waste, control energy use through setting appliance and load timers, predict their bills and measure results.

SMEs can’t afford to sit idle and ignore the issue of energy consumption, especially when the benefits of reducing energy costs mean increased sustainability and business profits.


Reduce energy costs in your business. Learn more about carbonTRACK.

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