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Google Home

Unlock Google Home’s hidden potential, by pairing your Google Home with carbonTRACK

Take command of your smart appliances

Use Google Home with carbonTRACK to control a wide range of connected appliances – anything you connect through a smart plug. *

Go further than just the weather

Use with carbonTRACK to control circuit-level switches, like your pool pump or hot water system.

Hear how your electricity bill is shaping up

Use with carbonTRACK to check on your electricity bill.

*These commands and more coming soon!

Product Features

  • Ask the Google Assistant voice service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather reports, and much more.
  • Listen to music from Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Audiobooks and more – all through your Wi-Fi.
  • Have Google home as your personal assistant – helping you with your schedule, reminders, weather reports, news and more.
  • Available in different sizes and with customizable bases.
  • Requires a Wi-Fi internet connection.
To make it work, you’ll need:

Connect and control ZigBee devices with the carbonTRACK Smart Hub and my.carbontrack app.

Start with the hub
The carbonTRACK smart hub