Get smarter about energy. View the energy you use and where you use it

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Take control. Set timers and remotely switch the important things on and off

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Benefit from big savings. Learn how carbonTRACK can save you up to 30%*

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Did you know that on average hot water use makes up 50% of your energy bill? With carbonTRACK you can set timers so that your hot water is only running when it's needed. It's time to take control.

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What Our Clients Say

February 12, 2015

I saved nearly 30% since carbonTRACK

Last summer I used 20.4kwh a day. This summer I used 14.5kwh a day. I’m in credit $30 and that’s never happened.

Brendan JewellCustomer since early 2014
December 01, 2014

Gerald Terblanche

Thank you so much for the professional installation and this is really impressive service. I am really going to enjoy putting the system through its paces and I hope to prove to be
one of your greatest advocates!

Gerald TerblancheBytes
December 01, 2014

Paulo Ferreira

It’s great having control over my geyser from wherever I am. I travel often, and am now in the habit of setting my geyser control when being shuttled to the airport. When I’m away, I don’t worry about my geyser bursting and causing damage to my house, which gives me more time to relax. Being able to switch it on before I return means I always come to a hot shower.

Paulo FerreiraSamsung
December 01, 2014

T. Mthethwa

Just had our carbonTRACK® unit installed. Can't wait to start gaining control of our household electricity usage. Lookout for this exciting South African invention

T. MthethwaIBM
December 01, 2014

Through carbonTRACK 30%

Through carbonTRACK© I have seen an approximate saving of up to 30% per month on my bill and I am thrilled!’

B. Forbes - IBM
December 01, 2014

We are monitoring a 30 kWp PV

We are monitoring a 30 kWp PV grid tie system…I have managed to remotely identify two faults which would of been impossible without remote monitoring...
I have peace of mind knowing I can view my systems generation from anywhere using carbonTRACK’

December 01, 2014

What a phenomenal product!

What a phenomenal product!

Aki Anastasiou 702